Vertical Bulk Diesel Tanks

Vertical Bulk Diesel Tanks


Our range of vertical bulk diesel tanks provide the ultimate in security, durability and value. Constructed from steel throughout and fully in accordance with current environmental regulations, all tanks in the range are covered by our 15 year extended warranty, giving you even more peace of mind on your investment.

The tanks are available with a wide range of high quality fuel dispensing equipment, including high flow pumps and fuel management systems – giving you total control over your fleet and driver’s fuel usage. Vertical, cylindrical bulk diesel tanks in capacities from 5,200 litres to 18,000 litres. Heavy duty double cylinder design with an all-steel construction. Full height fuel cabinet provides easy access to tank connections and dispensing equipment. Fully bunded and pressure tested inner tanks; built in accordance with the latest environmental regulations.


• All-steel construction for unbeatable strength and durability
• 110% bunded and fully compliant with current environmental regulations
• Lockable steel door keeps tank connections safe and secure
• Vertical design provides high capacity with a small footprint, ideal when space is limited
• Large fuel dispensing cabinet for access to fuel dispensing equipment
• Available with a range of dispensing systems to suit your requirements
• 15 year tank warranty for peace of mind

Tank Capacity Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Empty Weight (kg) Full Weight (kg)
5,200 Litres 2,804 1,985 2,341 1,341 5,765
10,000 Litres 2,950 2,200 3,369 2,129 10,651
12,500 Litres 3,324 2,500 3,376 3,000 13,755
18,000 Litres 3,769 2,956 3,434 4,127 19,434

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