Fuelstores - 3 Point Linkage

3-point fuel stores are ideal for all situations where there is a need to transport your fuel using tractors. These are ideal for construction sites, road construction companies, and all other situations where there is a need of transporting your fuel by tractor, as other options can’t reach the destination due to the bad roads. Our 3-point fuel stores are ideally suited for these requirements, as they are sturdy, robust and reliable!

Capacity Length Width Height Empty Weight Full Weight
500 Litres (110 Gallons) 1,327mm 1,534mm 1,509mm 550kg 985kg
1,000 Litres (220 Gallons) 1,577mm 1,654mm 1,706mm 695kg 1,565kg
1,500 Litres (330 Gallons) 2,078mm 1,706mm 1,654mm 799kg 2,185kg

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