Fuelstores - 3 Point Linkage

Fuelstores - 3 Point Linkage



Available on our 500, 1,000 and 1,500 litre Fuelstores. This system enables tractors and other machinery to lift and move our Fuelstores quickly and safely. The linkage system offers increased flexibility and efficiency for a wide range of applications, including agriculture, forestry, construction and industrial.

One key advantage of this system is that it can reduce the number of trips needed to do your job; as the tank can be carried on the front of your vehicle, trailers and other equipment can still be towed on the back.

In addition, because the tank can only be moved using the 3 point linkage system, the risk of theft is greatly reduced.


  • Heavy duty 3 point linkage frame enables tank to lifted and moved easily by farm machinery
  • Tank can also be lifted and moved using the forklift pockets and central lift eye
  • Steel frame also provides additional protection to the tank
  • Suitable for use with diesel and gas oil


  • 110% bunded in accordance with Environmental Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2)
  • Fully baffled and pressure tested inner tank
  • Lockable cabinet to protect fuel dispensing equipment and inlets/outlets to the tank
  • Fully sealed magnetic drive tank contents gauge
Tank Capacity Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Empty Weight (kg) Full Weight (kg)
500 Litres 1,327 1,534 1,509 455 880
1,000 Litres 1,577 1,654 1,706 695 1,565
1,500 Litres 2,078 1,706 1,654 799 2,185
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