HC20 HydroClear

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The Harlequin HC20 Hydroclear serves >20 population dwelling. This sewage treatment plant has a virtually silent operation and carries full CE accreditation to BS EN12566-3.

£4,015.00 £4,818.00
Manufacturer Part Number HC20
Manufacturer Harlequin
Weight 1001.0000
Tank Type Underground
Capacity 7960 Litres
Dimension (LxWxH) 5680mm x 1400mm x 2560mm
Tank Drawing HC20-Drawing
Product Description

HC20: 7960 Litre Harlequin HydroClear Waste Water Treatment Plant

7960 litre (approx. 1750 gallons) waste water treatment tank.

This tank is suitable for the storage and treatment of waste water for a population of 13-20 people.

Lower operating costs:

With its unprecedented 24-month service period and enhanced capacities the HydroClear can dramatically reduce long term operating costs. This is achieved through the inherent reliability of the simple but effective design rather than using complex systems that require frequent maintenance and desludging to achieve optimum performance.

Easy installation:

Further benefits are realised from the outset with optimised design characteristics meaning the 20-pop model can be installed using a 2.5-tonne mini-digger rather than the 7 or 12-tonne machines required for traditional plants. These design values are reflected across the entire HydroClear range resulting in simple, cost effective installation with minimal damage to the surrounding area.

Power failure default:

Even if the power fails the HydroClear will continue performing as a septic tank to ensure continued environmental protection.

Silence is golden:

High performance diaphragm blowers are used across the full range of HydroClears providing virtually silent operation.

Odour minimisation:

Hermetically sealed and market leading performance means the HydroClear effectively combats odour production.

How It Works:

The HydroClear benefits from a moving bed biological reactor, or MBBR, at its core. A new process in the package wastewater market, MBBR technology embraces the benefits of fixed film media processes without suffering their downfalls. Overgrowth of bacteria leading to ‘channelling’ is an issue with common process designs such as submerged aerated filters (SAF), rotating biological contactors (RBC) or trickling filter (TF) designs. Unlike conventional media beds, MBBR systems are self cleaning and unable to become blocked through channelling. Media interactions produce a sloughing effect that removes excess bacteria thus ensuring continuous re-growth, optimising overall reactor efficiency. The HydroClear system incorporates a three chamber design, ie, primary settlement, aeration chamber and final settlement.

Within the primary settlement chamber, large solids are removed by settlement and flotation. An accumulation forms at the base of the tank and is removed by desludging. The clarified water then passes to the biological reactor where it is treated to remove the dissolved constituents. Mobile media elements support large bacterial populations within the reaction chamber while induced air promotes complete mixing ensuring that full treatment is achieved. The treated effluent and sloughed off bacteria flows into the final settlement chamber where any remaining small solids are removed prior to the clarified effluent being discharged from the plant.


Sewage treatment plants for a single household should be sited 15m from the house. Approval and agreement should be sought from your local authority as early as possible. Although the HydroClear is virtually odour-free, please also consider the prevailing wind direction when choosing your site. Installations serving more than one building should be located at least 25m from habitable buildings. Some local authorities may allow HydroClears to be installed somewhat closer, but this needs to be checked and approved locally. Don’t situate your treatment plant close to a driveway, roadway or anywhere else that presents a risk of uperimposed loads and remember good access must be available for the tanker to empty your plant.

Site levels:

Be sure to survey the site and check levels and the fall on the drain carefully. The Balmoral HydroClear is designed to cater for a drain invert depth of 1m but this can be reduced to 750mm or increased using a Balmoral-supplied extension to suit speciNc site requirements.

Manufactured from high grade polyethylene this Harlequin tank is corrosion resistant, has high impact strength and is UV stabilised. All Harlequin tanks are CE marked and comply with the latest European standards.

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