Vertical Bulk Diesel Tanks

Vertical bulk diesel tanks are ideal for all the businesses that need to manage their fuel storage in smaller spaces. These are ideal for such purposes as they come in various capacities, up to 18000l, and they are extremely space-saving solution. On top of that, the steel construction of these bulk diesel tanks provides security and reliability at the highest level!

Capacity Length Weight Height Empty Weight Full Weight
5,200 Litres (1,140 Gallons) 2,804mm 1,985mm 2,341mm 1,341kg 5,765kg
10,000 Litres (2,200 Gallons) 2,950mm 2,200mm 3,369mm 2,129kg 10,651kg
12,500 Litres (2,750 Gallons) 3,234mm 2,468mm 3,376mm 3,000kg 13,755kg
18,000 Litres (3,950 Gallons) 3,769mm 2,956mm 3,434mm 4,127kg 19,434kg

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