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The Benefits of Air Pump Heating

Recently we’ve had many customers contact us about the removal of their old oil pump heating systems in favour of a new air source heating solution. It’s no surprise that people are moving away from their old high-cost oil systems in favour of a more green and lower cost heating solution. With the UK Government’s domestic renewable heat incentive it makes sense now more than ever to switch over to a new renewable form of heating.

You might be asking yourself, what is an air source heat pump and how is it better than my current system? An air source heat pump works in a similar manner to your kitchen fridge, however instead of a cooling effect it generates heat. In short, it achieves this by sucking in outside air through a series of refrigerant filled pipes, this refrigerant is turned into a gas that then passes through a compressor adding more heat.

Now that you understand how this system works, why should you upgrade from your old system that’s serviced you adequately for the past years? Well with the new government introduced incentive, there are now multiple reasons why you should upgrade your old oil boiler. For starters his method uses less energy consumption than your standard oil boiler leading it to produce significantly fewer CO2 emissions. A greener approach to your heating allows you the peace of mind knowing that not only are you saving money but also helping secure the future of the planet. Furthermore, with the government’s RHI scheme you could also be receiving a grant payment for taking this step to a renewable future. To understand if you are able to qualify for this scheme review the requirements here.

Here at Tanks R Us we have extensively experienced personnel ready to help you transition from your old system to your new one. Our OFTEC approved team of engineers are here to make the removal of your old system hassle and stress free for you. To learn more about our removal operation, check out our tank removal page.

If you are looking to upgrade your old tank-based system, be sure to get in contact with us about removing your old tank and receive a free quotation today.

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