Site Tow Bowsers 3000L - 9000L

Our large site tow bowsers are ideal for diesel transportation for larger businesses. It is an ideal solution for huge farms as well for huge construction sites of all types. If you need a huge capacity tow bowsers, then these are ideal for you! Coming in capacity from 3000l to 9000l, they will answer the requirements of even the most demanding situations!

Capacity Length Width Height Empty Weight Full Weight
3,000 Litres (660 Gallons) 4,639mm 2,202mm 2,313mm 1,759kg 4,287kg
4,500 Litres (1,000 Gallons) 5,589mm 2,383mm 2,535mm 2,754kg 6,665kg
6,000 Litres (1,310 Gallons) 5,935mm 2,700mm 2,712mm 3,380kg 8,516kg
9,000 Litres (1,978 Gallons) 6,733mm 2,738mm 2,713mm 4,167kg 11,902kg

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