Generator Fuel Tanks

In cases where you rely on an internal supply of electricity, generators are simply unavoidable! In order to feed these generators steadily and reliably, you will need generator fuel tanks. We provide a nice selection of these, and they are suitable for both gas and diesel oil. Each of these generator fuel tanks has been manufactured with the latest security standards in mind, and they are all equipped with security locks, and can be easily transported using standard equipment (forklifts). Finally, they are ideal for situations where tight space management is required, as they can be easily stacked to save space.

Capacity Length Width Height Empty Weight Full Weight
1,000 Litres (220 Gallons) 1,262mm 1,262mm 1,300mm 470kg 1,320kg
2,000 Litres (440 Gallons) 2,315mm 1,262mm 1,300mm 725kg 2,425kg
3,000 Litres (660 Gallons) 2,315mm 1,705mm 1,300mm 865kg 3,475kg

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