Tank Removal

Sometimes, the tank has to go!

Ensuring a safe tank removal

Our oil tank removal service makes your life hassle free; we deal with all the intricacies that are key in the disposal of your old, redundant steel or plastic oil tank. Our team of fully trained OFTEC approved engineers and wide range of tank removal equipment enables us to remove your oil tank safely from just about any location, whether it’s a garden, basement or school removal.

We guarantee a safe removal

No matter the tank, we are able to safely remove it as our OFTEC engineers are trained in a multitude of tank removal methods. This can vary from taking your tank out in one piece via our Hi-Ab lorry or removing your tank by using hot and cold cut techniques. We make sure that all work carried out during the tank removal process is conducted in a safe and manageable manner.

How do i get started?

With every job we do, we require a photograph of your current tank, the location and site access in order to provide you with a bespoke quote for your tank removal. We also need to know the capacity or size of the existing tank as well as how much oil or residue remains in the tank. This information enables us to plan your unique project and complete your tank removal in the safest and most efficient way. In a commercial environment a site visit may be required in order to provide the most accurate quotation.

What to expect

Once the tank removal service has been booked in, here is what to expect leading up to and on the day of the tank removal:

  • We will notify you up to 48 hours before our OFTEC engineers are due to let you know what time to expect us.
  • On the day of the removal our team will arrive in our Hi-Ab lorry with all the tools and equipment required to complete the job.
  • Once on site we will assess the current situation and proceed to pump out any oil or hoover out residue (if required) from the tank into a holding tank.
  • We will then disconnect and remove any current pipework feeding the tank (if required) before lifting out or cutting out your redundant tank.
  • Before leaving we will always make sure the site is left clean and tidy.
  • Once back at our workshop the removed tank will be decommissioned, recycled and all oil or residue disposed of accordingly.


We know getting a tank can sometimes be all confusing, or you simply just have more queries. Check out our frequently asked questions.


A choice of delivery options ranging from standard 2-3 day delivery through to next day delivery before 12:00hrs.