Diesel Tank Cleaning

Diesel Tank Cleaning

Our diesel tank cleaning service is here to take the work of cleaning your fuel stores off your hands.

Whether you have polyethylene or steel diesel tanks, our team of fully trained OFTEC approved engineers will inspect and clean your diesel storage tanks inside and out, removing contaminants to keep your diesel in top form. Whether you store fuel on a farm or on your off-grid residence, Tanks R Us provides diesel tank cleaning services for both domestic and commercial usage.

A Guaranteed Inspection

Diesel degrades over time and the tank’s condition can speed up the process, but with our diesel tank cleaning services, we inspect the tank to make sure it’s doing its job. From the overall condition outside to the performance inside, our OFTEC technicians do a thorough job while removing vapours, crud, and internal or external contaminants that cause your fuel to degrade quicker. A hidden benefit of diesel tank cleaning maintains the longevity of the tank, meaning you keep it for longer.

Want To Get Your Tank Cleaned?

When you want your tank cleaning, we need a few things first, so we can make the process safe, time efficient and practical. We require a photograph of the tank needing cleaning, your address, and a time when we can visit the site. When you do this for us, we can provide you with a quote for the project. Alongside these details, we will need you to inform us of the type of fuel being stored, the amount of residue inside the tank and what capacity the tank is.

On The Day

Once you have booked an appointment for your diesel tank clean, you can expect the following steps to happen:


  • Our team will contact you 48 hours before the project is due and let you know when the OFTEC technicians are to arrive on site.
  • On the day of the project, our OFTEC technicians will arrive with specialist equipment to ensure a safe and efficient job.
  • When our OFTEC technicians arrive on site, they inspect the area around the tank and the tank itself to ensure safe operation during the process. The OFTEC technicians will then secure the area and prepare the tank for cleaning.
  • Once finished, our OFTEC technicians will tidy their work area, ensuring all equipment and residue from the job is removed, leaving the site in the same condition as they found it.
  • The residue left over from the tank cleaning will be disposed of in accordance with government regulations, making safe and correct disposal.