Fuel Proof Tanks

Fuel Cubes

Fuel cubes are a great way to transport fuel on UK highways.

With the UN’s stamp of approval, they are the ideal solution for diesel and gas oil transportation. Constructed from 110% bunded steel for extra strength and security, the fuel cubes are designed with a galvanised steel base with forklift pockets and lifting eyes for easy relocation. Coming in 250 to 900 litre capacities, they are the answer to machinery and small plant refuelling with their stackable and compact design.

Fuel Stores

Keep your diesel stored in safety with our range of steel fuel stores. Constructed from steel all the way throughout for maximum strength and security, our fuel stores tanks are 110% bunded, giving maximum protection. They all feature an anti-theft locking lid, keeping your fuel safe and secure. UN approved for UK highway transportation, you can transport these fuel stores all around England, and with the inner baffled tank to provide stability while in motion, you don’t need to worry about ruptures or leakage.

Towable Bowsers

When you need to take your diesel with you, our Fuel Proof range of diesel towable bowsers are the solution. Constructed from steel with high impact resistance, they are 110% bunded to offer premium fuel storage security. Affixed to a galvanised steel A-frame, our towable bowsers feature a breakaway security system for that peace of mind while on the move. In our range you will find capacities starting at 500 litres going to 9000 litres. Each towable bowser meets Environmental Agency PPG2 regulations and are UN approved for highway travel in the UK.

Generator Tanks

When you live or work off-grid, you need to keep the generator running and now you can with our Fuel Proof range of generator fuel tanks. With a capacity of 1000 to 3000 litres, our generator fuel tanks are constructed with steel throughout in a heavy-duty box composition. Featuring forklift pockets and lifting eyes, they are designed for consistent and heavy use with UN approval for highway transportation around the UK. Their versatile design allows for compact storage and stacking, making them a great value solution for generator fuel storage.