Red Diesel Regulation Changes

What Is Red Diesel & How Is Its Usage Being Restricted?

Red diesel is regular diesel combined with chemical markers and red dye

The dye is added to make it easier to identify. It is only usable in specific cases, and it is actually illegal to use red diesel for driving on public roads.

The latest changes in regulations now mean that red diesel can only be used in approved industries such as the agriculture sector. This is to encourage more industries to invest in cleaner alternatives and improve their vehicles and machinery's energy efficiency. This is part of a bigger target the UK set in June 2019 when it introduced laws ensuring an end to its climate change contribution by 2050. The original goal was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to 1990 levels. Reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 is the new aim, and changes to red diesel regulations are a key step.

A large portion of businesses that actively use red diesel will now have to look into alternatives. It's key to check your business is on the approved list of sectors before continuing usage. If you are interested in our expert services we offer removalcleaning, and replacement services for your old tanks.

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If you are interested in our expert services we offer removal, cleaning, and replacement services for your old tanks.

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