Steel Diesel Tanks

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Steel Diesel Tanks

If you’re looking for small or large-scale fuel storage, explore our very own range of Tanks R Us’ branded steel diesel tanks. We have a wide selection ranging from vertical, horizontal, bulk and cube, all with the intention of providing you with a solution to your diesel storage needs whether it’s domestic, commercial, haulage, temporary or long-term. Each one is designed and engineered for maximum security from leakage, protection from water corrosion, and theft.

Each tank is constructed with durability, functionality and efficiency in mind and has the stamp of approval from the UN and European Trading Standards, meaning you can trust us with your fuel storage requirements.

Our steel diesel tanks are constructed using stainless and carbon steel, both of which have a higher resistance to water than other metals, keeping your fuel safe from water contamination and the tank safe from rust degradation. As such, you can expect at least a decade of service from our unmatched steel diesel tanks. All our tanks are bunded to provide an extra layer of security.

Our vertical tanks provide upright storage for when you are limited on space, in the same way as our fuel cubes which are small and manageable to transport, a favourite for personal use. Our horizontal fuel tanks are highly efficient with fuel dispensation and remain the traditional option for fuel storage. If you live off-grid and need to keep the lights running, our generator fuel tanks will make sure that happens. If you require extra protection for the environment, then check out our forestry spec fuel stores that have been engineered for extra environmental security.

If you’re not sure which tank you require or if you have specific requirements, get in touch with our team of fuel storage experts who are here and happy to help.

Steel Diesel Tanks

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