Forestry Spec Fuelstores

If you are looking for reliable and fully secured forestry spec fuel stores, we have just the right solution for you! Our forestry spec fuel stores have been manufactured in accordance with the latest security regulations, and as such are reliable and sturdy fuel storage option. We provide these in either 1000l or 1500l.

Capacity Length Width Height Empty Weight Full Weight
1,000 Litres (220 Gallons) 1,930mm 1,388mm 2,115mm 1,250kg 2,110kg
1,000 Litres (220 Gallons) with drum storage cabinet 2,430mm 1,388mm 2,115mm 1,366kg 2,226kg
1,500 Litres 2,430mm 1,388mm 2,115mm 1,400kg 2,260kg

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