Horizontal Bulk Diesel Tanks

Businesses often have a need for bunded diesel tanks, and our range of horizontal bulk diesel tanks is just the right solution for those needs. All of these tanks are extremely sturdy and reliable, and made in accordance with the contemporary security standards. They are available in various volumes, up to 60000l!

Capacity Length Width Height Empty Weight Full Weight
5,000 Litres (1,098 Gallons) 3,147mm 2,079mm 2,169mm 1,834kg 6,087kg
7,500 Litres (1,648 Gallons) 4,137mm 2,079mm 2,169mm 2,187kg 8,646kg
10,000 Litres (2,200 Gallons) 4,137mm 2,339mm 2,416mm 2,638kg 11,175kg
15,000 Litres (3,300 Gallons) 5,647mm 2,220mm 2,430mm 3,361kg 16,116kg
22,500 Litres (5,000 Gallons) 6,655mm 2,534mm 2,874mm 5,450kg 24,933kg
27,500 Litres (6,000 Gallons) 7,653mm 2,534mm 2,865mm 6,062kg 29,057kg
32,000 Litres (7,000 Gallons) 8,666mm 2,534mm 2,877mm 6,752kg 34,540kg
42,000 Litres (9,230 Gallons) 9,290mm 2,804mm 3,216mm 9,315kg 45,146kg
50,000 Litres (10,990 Gallons) 10,810mm 2,804mm 3,226mm 10,514kg 52,194kg
60,000 Litres (13,185 Gallons) 12,969mm 2,804mm 3,225mm 12,190kg 63,440kg

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