What Do I Do If I Find Water In My Diesel Tank?

The presence of water within your diesel tank and indeed, within your diesel, is common. This builds up as a result of climate changes which occur over time. Tanks R Us are able to remove any water from your fuel. Simply contact us to arrange a visit from one of our technicians.

You can also take preventative measures in reducing or eradicating the presence of water in your diesel tank or your fuel. A Cim-Tek tank dryer, which is made from fabric and sits within your diesel tank, can collect water over time. Simply check and replace it regularly to keep water levels at a minimum.

Furthermore, purchasing a water filter with your diesel tank will ensure that even if water is present in your diesel tank, it will not filter through to your vehicles fuel tank. We strongly recommend purchasing a water and particulate filter with all diesel tanks, by way of protecting your vehicles from damage.