What Is A Bunded Oil Tank?

A bunded oil tank consists of a ‘tank within a tank’ design. Fuel is held within the inner tank, while the outer tank acts as a protective shell, meaning that in the event of an oil spill, your heating oil will gather in the outer tank, preventing it from leaking into the surrounding environment and therefore avoiding a costly environmental clean-up operation.

Bunded oil tanks are a legal requirement at commercial and industrial premises. They are also a legal requirement in the Channel Islands and at most domestic installations in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The difference between a bunded tank and an older style single skin tank, is that the single skin tank does not provide any secondary containment features, meaning that in the event of a tank split or tank failure, your heating oil will leak into the surrounding areas. Most insurance policies will not cover the policy holder for an oil spill; therefore, it is important to protect your property and surroundings from an environmental clean-up.