Why use a sewage treatment tank over a septic tank?

If you’re investing in a waste treatment system for your premises, a sewage treatment tank treats any wastewater that enters the system. Water entering the tank will come from toilets, sinks, washing machines and other household appliances.

The sewage treatment tank operates a filtration process to remove molecules and debris from the water, making it suitable for reuse under certain conditions (see Can I use treated water from a sewage treatment tank?).

Septic tanks store wastewater but do not treat it. The water is still contaminated and may contain pathogens hazardous to the human body and the environment, making it unsuitable for repurposing.

Sewage treatment tanks help recycle water, and this is especially useful if you’re not connected to a municipal water supply. A sewage treatment tank provides treated water for reuse, reducing overall water consumption rates.