Oil Tank Replacement

Our commercial fuel and oil tank replacement services can accommodate just about any requirement from heating oil tank replacement, to fuel storage tank replacement.

Oil Tank Replacement

To provide you with a FREE email quotation we will require a photograph of the current tank in place and a photograph of the current access to the tank.

We also need to know the capacity or physical size of the existing oil tank and how much oil, fuel or residue is in the tank. It may also be necessary to book in a site survey prior to obtaining your quotation.


The ever-changing commercial and industrial sector has led us to develop new methods to safely and efficiently replace and decommission fuel and oil tanks from premises such as schools, churches, railway sites, council properties, docks and airports.

No matter what the size or location, our tank replacement services are all performed to the same high standard.

Once the oil tank replacement service has been booked in, here is what to expect leading up to and on the day of tank replacement:

  • We will notify you up to 48 hours before our OFTEC engineers are due to let you know what time to expect us.
  • On the day of installation our team will arrive in our Hi-Ab lorry with your new plastic or steel bunded tank and all the tools and equipment required to complete the job.
  • Once on site we will assess the current situation and proceed to pump out the clean useable fuel into our holding tank. All water and contaminated fuel will be filtered out, removed and disposed of at a licensed site.
  • The existing oil tank can now be removed off site ready for decommissioning back at our workshop.
  • Any adjustments that are required to the existing base or installation of the new base if required can now be carried out in preperation for the new fuel tank.
  • The new fuel tank wil be positioned on the base and connected up to the supply line (if required).
  • The fuel in the holding tank can now be pumped and filtered back into the new oil tank.
  • Before leaving site we will always make sure that your boiler/heater will fire up or that your pumping equipment is working correctly. 
  • We will ensure that the site is left clean and tidy.

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