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Operating modern heavy machinery requires both diesel oil and Ad Blue. An ideal solution for this problem is using site towable bowsers that have the capacity to transport both at the same time. This saves both time and money, and we have a very nice selection of these to perfectly fit the scope of your operations! Check them out!


Capacity Length Width Height Empty Weight Full Weight
4,000 Litres Diesel / 500 Litres AdBlue 5,520mm 2,350mm 2,350mm 2,995kg 6,961kg
6,000 Litres Diesel / 1,000 Litres AdBlue 5,875mm 2,687mm 2,665mm 3,902kg 9,823kg
8,000 Litres Diesel / 1,000 Litres AdBlue 6,733mm 2,739mm 2,871mm 4,195kg 11,816kg

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