Diesel/AdBlue Bowsers - Highway

Diesel/AdBlue Bowsers - Highway


Our range of dual compartment bowsers are an all in one unit built to store, transport and dispense both Diesel and AdBlue. These units feature an all steel construction with 110% bunded Diesel tank, stainless steel AdBlue tank, twin dispensing systems and a tough galvanised chassis with heavy duty running gear. With full UN approval, these bowsers are fully compliant with current regulations, and thanks to Fuel Proof's industry leading build quality and innovation, provide unrivalled security, durability and efficiency.


• UN aaproved for transporting diesel on the highway
• Fully compliant with current environmental regulations
• All steel construction and heavy duty galvanised tubular steel chassis makes these units the strongest and most durable on the market
• Dual storage: 110% bunded Diesel tank and stainless steel AdBlue tank
• Dual dispensing systems - one for each tank
• Choice of pump options to match your machines, vehicles and application
• Galvanised mudguards for strength and durability
• Secure lockale doors with anti vandal padlock covers
• High quality running gear for years of trouble free service

Tank Capacity Axles Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Empty Weight (kg) Fulll Weight (kg)
1,000 Litres Diesel
200 Litres AdBlue
Twin 3,214 1,730 1,609 855 1,933
1,800 Litres Diesel
200 Litres AdBlue
Twin 3,717 1,800 1,773 1,250 2,950

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