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Everything You Need to Know About Petrol Storage Tanks

24th June 2024 in diesel & fuel
Author: Vin Gatiss

Petrol is a naturally occurring fossil fuel, created by the decomposition of organic matter, primarily zooplankton and algae, which has been subjected to intense heat and pressure over millions of years. The main purpose of petrol is to act as a fuel to power vehicles and heat units and machines. 


Petrol storage tanks are ideal for those who consume petrol in such quantities, where small petrol dispensers have an insufficient storage capacity. 


How Long Can Petrol be Stored in a Tank?


When stored in a sealed container at 20 degrees, the typical shelf-life of petrol is around 6 months. If you have petrol that is stored for longer than this, it can start to gather moisture and oxidate which reduces the fuel's effectiveness, eventually becoming unusable. You can purchase fuel stabilisers but it is always important to check the compatibility with your tank. 


Do You Need a Licence to Store Fuel?


With fuel being highly hazardous, it is important that you store and handle it carefully and correctly to avoid damage to yourself and the surrounding environment. There are different fuel storage regulations, depending on how much you are storing and where you are storing it. 


If you own a home, motor vehicle, boat or aircraft, you can store up to 30 litres without letting anyone know. However it is important to know that the law requires different containers depending on the volume you’re storing. If you are storing up to 10 litres, we recommend using a plastic container, up to 20 litres we recommend a metal container and up to 30 litres, we recommend a demountable fuel tank. 


If you are storing more than 30 litres, but less than 275 litres, you do need to let the local Petroleum Enforcement Authority (PEA) know in writing, including your name, address and location. 


You will need a petroleum storage certificate if you are storing more than 275 litres, but less than 3,500. This can be obtained from your local PEA and will last up to 3 years. Below you can find some top tips for storing this amount of petrol. 


  • Store your fuel in open-air
  • Never store fuel inside - If needs be, a shed or garage is best 
  • Never dispose or manually pump fuel from a storage tank
  • Prevent any nearby heat or ignition sources
  • Never use fuel in any other place than the fuel tank of the combustible engine


If you are still unsure on where and how much fuel you can store, make sure you do some research on it to prevent further action being taken on yourself. 


What Are The Legal Petrol Containers in the UK?


Only authorised plastic or metal containers can be used to store petrol, and they must be marked or labelled with the wording “PETROL” and “HIGHLY FLAMMABLE” and a hazard warning sign with the capacity stated in litres. At Tanks ‘R’ Us, we stock and sell a variety of steel and plastic petrol tanks.


Our range of steel petrol tanks are ideal for businesses and organisations looking to store large quantities of petrol safely and reliably. The majority of our steel storage tanks can hold up to 200 litres of petrol, but always check the quantity you need and how much the tanks can hold before you purchase. 


Within our range of plastic petrol tanks, you can store anything from 10 litres to 1,000 litres. All of our products come with a child safety lock and are approved for transport on the road. When you are looking for a new storage tank, always make sure you read the description so you know what to expect and you are not going to get caught out. 


After-sales and Installation


As well as supplying tanks, boilers and accessories, we also offer a range of after-sales care and installation services. Whether it's commercial or domestic, our team of OFTEC registered engineers can install new tanks, remove old ones and answer any questions you may have. 


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