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Fuel System Accessories: Our Top Choices

13th December 2023 in diesel & fuel

The success of your fuel system doesn’t depend entirely on the installation and use of a tank. There are fuel tank accessories you can buy which will also have a beneficial effect or be an integral part of your set-up. In this edition of our blog we’ll pick out ten of them, explaining what they are.


  1. Transfer Pumps: This equipment is for use when transferring fuel from a smaller containment (such as a tank) to the equipment that will pump out the fuel. At Tanks R Us we have a stock of over 20 different types of transfer pump, for use in different systems, whether you require diesel tank pumps or petrol tank pumps etc. There are two main types of pump – DC fuel transfer pumps and AC fuel transfer pumps. DC pumps are mainly used on construction or industrial sites as they are transportable, and allow for simple operation. AC pumps are primarily for use in stationary environments, performing best when used on immobile storage containers.


  1. Filters: An essential part of any system involving fluids is a filter. This simple piece of equipment is an important part of keeping your fuel uncontaminated. At Tanks R Us, our array of filters will assist in keeping your fuel clean and maintaining the condition of your tank. Different systems require different filters, so whether you need diesel or petrol, you must make sure you get the right type for your set-up. Our experts are on hand to help, so please get in touch.


  1. Gauges and Alarms: By using gauges and alarms in your system you can ensure your fuel tank is extra safe. Constructed for a high level of safety and durability, our tank gauges and alarms protect their contents – from overfilling, and from theft. They are available for both diesel and petrol fuel systems.


  1. Flow Meters: The need for accurate accounting for, and monitoring of, your fuel resources means that your system should be fitted with flow meters. These devices will offer full control over fuel consumption, and allow precise monitoring of your use of diesel precisely, fuel, therefore reducing waste and increasing efficiency.


  1. Sealants: If your tank suffers damage and your system becomes impaired, it may become necessary to call in the experts for a fix. However, there are certain small jobs you can do yourself, with the assistance of sealants. These will provide a quick fix for any minor damage on your tank, pipe or hose. Sealants can also be used to repair any joints, so they are the ideal accessory to have at hand for issues which might arise.


  1. Atex Pumps: If the fuel you are using is petrol, ATEX (Atmosphere Explosible) pumps are designed and certified to operate safely in potentially dangerous atmospheres. Flammable gases, vapours, mists, or dust particles may be present – and an ATEX pump is an essential piece of equipment to mitigate against the problem, and comply with safety procedures.


  1. Spill Control Kit: This is an essential on site or wherever there is fuel tank use. A spill kit will contain various accessories to be used if there is an accident of any kind involving your fuel – rubber gloves, buckets, absorbent pads, hazard bin, disposal kit, and so on. At Tanks R Us we have all these items in stock and can advise you on the best way to put a kit together to meet your specific requirements.


For tanks used to store other types of liquid (water or effluent, for example) there are different accessories available. At Tanks R Us we not only stock tanks, but everything else you could possibly need to set up a fully functioning system. Browse our website or give us a call to find out more.

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