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Rainwater Tanks: Why Saving Water Is Important

5th January 2023 in water

In this day and age of ecological awareness, and of trying to take more care with our planet’s natural resources - as well as our personal and business finances - the importance of saving or making best use of water is obvious. This can involve storing rainwater – and, lucky you, we have several rainwater tanks for sale here at Tanks R Us! First, though, the how and why of storing water...



Collecting rainwater is sometimes referred to as ‘rainwater harvesting’ – and it involves redirecting the rain from your roof and other surfaces through a system of pipework into a large tank. There, this water can be stored for future use, or it put back into the ground in controlled amounts. Collecting rainwater used to be ‘just for gardeners’ - but other inventive uses include things like cleaning cars, flushing toilets (by filling the cistern), cooking, washing up and washing clothes – in fact, anything that doesn’t require water to be purified prior to use. Rainwater harvesting is eco-friendly and cost-effective. We believe all homes should have rainwater tanks and that right now is the perfect time to install.


Save on Money

Rainwater is a free natural resource and so, regardless of the environmental issues, utilising it by switching to the water you have saved in your tank will contribute to savings on your domestic water bill. They are considerable, too – as much as 50% of the bill.


Save the Planet

For a start, installing a water tank reduces the impact of the domestic drainage systems in your area. Water companies have to pump water around their systems in urban areas, and this is expensive as it uses a large amount of electricity (and the costs of energy have risen dramatically over the last year). 

You can also release your harvested rainwater back into the eco-system and reduce any risk of flooding and soil erosion. During any periods of heavy rain you can lower the likelihood of excessive surface run-off by collecting water in the tank, which can then use later during dry spells, to restore the ground and any vegetation in your garden. If it is possible and you are able, you could also install an irrigation system so that you make the best use of the rainwater you’ve stored. With our domestic and agricultural water bowsers for sale, irrigation systems will cut down on waste by soaking the roots directly. Rainwater is better for plants than water from your tap, as it doesn’t contain salts, chemicals and minerals.



Rainwater Tanks from Tanks R Us

At Tanks R Us, we have a great selection of tanks you can use to store water, with a view to harvesting it and putting it back into the system in useful ways which are beneficial for you. Our water storage tanks offer you the chance of efficient and secure storage for your water, and with a large array of tanks available you will easily be able to find the right one to suit your exact purpose, and your particular specifications. 

We stock slimline water tanks, horizontal static tanks, horizontal transport tanks, portable tanks (aka towable water bowsers), and non-potable rainwater harvesting tanks. Our tanks come in many different capacities. We have 150-litre water tanks, 1000-litre water tanks, 5,000-litre tanks – and large water tanks for sale, storing up to 30,000 litres. We can cater for every situation and need. For further information, simply get in touch and one of our friendly team will be more than pleased 

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