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Water Storage Tanks and the Environment

1st September 2022 in water

With the effects of climate change becoming increasingly evident, now is a great time to consider making the investment in a water tank. Evaporation from the soil will increase as a result of soaring temperatures and adapting to these changes in soil moisture by providing it with additional water is vital. Other strains on the world around us include a growing population which continues to put pressure on the world’s freshwater supplies. This means that water restrictions could become increasingly common year upon year. Take the hosepipe bans that were introduced in many areas across England and Wales this summer. As this looks to become increasingly frequent during summers to come, wouldn’t it be convenient to have your own water storage unit, free of restrictions? 

The act of collecting rainwater is otherwise known as ‘rainwater harvesting.’ Rather than allowing rainwater to run-off the land and get wasted, the water is collected from roofs and other surfaces, where it is redirected via pipes into a large tank. Here, it can be stored or recharged into the groundwater. Installing a rainwater tank for personal or agricultural purposes has many benefits:


1. Versatility


The rainwater you save can be used for a number of things including:

  • Cooking, washing up and washing clothes – anything that doesn’t require water to be purified.
  • Irrigation – in periods of intense dryness, a water tank is a great way to maintain good yields or maintain healthy gardens. 
  • You may also wish to use water tanks for drinking water however you must have adequate whole-system filtration in place – alternatively, we offer a selection of WRAS approved potable tanks which can safely be used for drinking water, perfect if you live off-grid.
  • Emergencies such as fires.


2. Reduces water bills 


  • Irrespective of climate change, rainwater is a free resource – switching from the water we all get on tap, to the storage water in your tank could significantly reduce your water bills. 
  • If a quality rainwater harvesting system is put in place, much of the water you collect may be used for tasks which do not require purified water – flushing toilets for example, which uses around 30% of water in a household and costs a lot of money, may be done using a water tank.
  • The statistics speak for themselves - conserving water by utilising a rainwater harvesting system may cut your water bills by up to 50%!



3. Eco-friendly


Given that many water tanks are made from plastic, you may be wondering, are they really environmentally friendly? The short answer is yes:

  • Water tanks reduce the impact on drainage systems – during intense rainfall, harvesting rainwater and releasing it back into the water course gradually, prevents drainage systems from becoming overwhelmed and subsequently reduces the risk of flooding and soil erosion.
  • They contribute to a lower carbon footprint because if much of the water in your home is sourced from your tank, you are able to save energy and do your bit for the planet – otherwise, water has to be pumped around urban areas using vast amounts of electricity.
  • Water tanks minimise the impact of wet and dry periods – for example, during heavy rain, you reduce the impact of surface run-off by collecting water.  You can then use it later when the ground is driest which will help restore the ground and surrounding vegetation.
  • Often known as ‘soft water,’ rainwater is great for plants and vegetation – it doesn’t contain the salts, chemicals and minerals found in other water sources, so it keeps plants and ecosystems healthy. 


4. Durability 


  • Many of our water tanks are manufactured from polyethylene, a thermoplastic which is highly resistant against corrosion, making them a highly durable choice. 
  • We also source from market-leading manufacturer, Enduramaxx, a company who use the highest-grade materials to create robust and well-purposed tanks to last. 
  • The lifespan of your water tank will depend on a few factors including the level of UV exposure (however in the UK this is less than other countries) and the temperature of the water in the tank, however you can expect it to last around 20 years with very little maintenance required after the initial installation.


5. Water tanks for sale 


As we approach winter, our wettest season here in the UK, there is no better time to enquire about water tank installation to take full advantage of increasing rainfall in the coming months. Here at Tanks R Us, we have an extensive selection of smaller, domestic water tanks for sale starting at 150 litres, all the way up to large water tanks for commercial use up to 30,000 litres – whatever your purpose, we have the solution! Our team are always happy to provide their expertise to help you choose the best option for you.

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