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Safe Fuel Transport: The Benefits of Portable Diesel Tanks

18th October 2023 in diesel & fuel

If your business uses diesel, it’s probable that you’ll require tanks for storage – including portable tanks. The convenience of mobility is often a crucial factor in the smooth running of operations, and therefore it is important to consider safe fuel transport. Whether you're operating a construction site, running an agricultural establishment such as a farm or managing a fleet of haulage vehicles, making sure you have portable diesel is crucial – and making sure it is safe is essential. With the portable approach comes responsibility – to safety, to the environment and to your efficiency. In this edition of our blog we’ll look at the benefits of safe fuel transport and focus on portable diesel tanks.


1. Safety

This may seem obvious, but it is always important to look again at the issue of safety and be reminded of its importance when the opportunity arises. A huge benefit to safe diesel transport is the prevention of accidents and environmental issues. Diesel is a hazardous substance if misused or mistreated. It’s highly flammable and any problem or mishap during transportation could have disastrous results. By using the correct sort of portable tank you will be caring for human lives, property and the environment (therefore protecting against pollution and preserving ecosystems and biodiversity).


2. Material

Plastic is the correct material to use for portable diesel tanks. Diesel is a degenerative fuel, which means that it interacts with certain metals (eg. steel and aluminium), and therefore using tanks made from metal risks fuel contamination and damage to the tank itself. Our diesel tanks are polyethylene, a plastic suitable for several different industries, with each different tank we sell designed for a specific purpose.

Bunded tanks, for example, offer pollution control by employing double-walled construction – in other words they are a tank within a tank. This method means that they are designed to prevent leakage and environmental contamination. Single skinned tanks are more suitable for environments which are less risky. There are even smaller diesel dispensing tanks on trolleys, designed to replace jerry cans and drums, ideal for onsite refuelling.


3. Efficiency

Portable diesel tanks can easily be transported through various methods (including on trucks, on trains and even by ships). This total flexibility means that you are able to deliver fuel to areas with accessibility issues or diverse infrastructure. Portable tanks provide mobility needed to meet the dynamics of your operations, whether you are moving fuel to difficult building sites or even supporting power generation in remote locations.

Using portable diesel tanks also eliminates the need to move vehicles to refuelling outlets. This will have a fantastic ‘knock-on’ effect to streamlining productivity and time management. By using appropriately sized tanks it will be possible for a business to ensure a steady fuel supply, available as and when it is required.


4. Economy

Being able to control your operation efficiently is essential for maintaining function of your business, both practically and economically. Portable diesel tanks mean you can be timely and precise with fuel delivery to your locations or to areas with limited infrastructure, and therefore run seamlessly. Productivity is enhanced and operational costs incurred by delay and disruption are negated. Additionally, the long life-span of portable diesel tanks contributes to cost savings.


5. Environment

Portable diesel tanks are specifically manufactured to reduce emissions, and prevent spillage and leakage, thereby controlling any potential environmental impact which could be made by the transportation of fuel (and accidents arising during that process). Modern diesel tanks can be equipped with features designed to ensure your impact is reduced to negligible levels (such as vapour recovery systems and spill containments). Investing in safe fuel transport equipment options is absolutely essential in the modern day and age, with environmental awareness and social responsibility so high on the global business agenda.


6. Regulations

Moving fuel about governed by regulations designed to ensure public safety and environmental protection. Using portable tanks that firmly comply with the government regulations is absolutely essential for any business to operate both ethically and within the bounds of the law. More information can be found at gov.uk

Ultimately, the benefits to any operation of using portable diesel tanks extend far beyond economics and efficiency. Portable fuel tanks enable you to go about your business with consideration for the safety of personnel and equipment, and operate with good environmental responsibility.

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