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What are the advantages of a bunded oil tank?

6th August 2022 in oil

What is a bunded oil tank?


Essentially, this is a ‘tank within a tank’. The inner ‘layer’ acts as a container for the oil, and the outer acts as protection if the inner tank becomes damaged. In many situations having a bunded tank is a legal requirement - dependent on geographical location or the size of the tank. For example, any new installations must be bunded if they exceed 2,500 litres. No matter how small, or where its located, there are many advantages to a having a bunded tank.



The Advantages of Buying a Bunded Oil Tank


1. Protection 


  • The outer tank, called a ‘bund layer,’ protects against contamination and leakages. It can hold 110% of the inner tank’s capacity. If any damage or corrosion occurs within the inner tank, the outer layer gives protection against this ‘over-fill,’ whilst preventing expensive and time-consuming insurance claims for spillages. This also minimises waste and prevents financial losses in the event of having to replace oil. A bunded tank is also great for preventing damage (eg. punctures that may occur during harsher winter weather when the tank is used most often).
  • A bunded tank offers greater environmental protection. In the event of a single layered tank becoming damaged, toxic chemicals could leak into soils and water systems, harming wildlife. You could also be fined for these damages. Having a bunded layer works to stop this. Additionally, it protects people who live on, or visit, the premises -  especially young children, who would be unaware of these dangers. This is also particularly important on farm sites, given that it may be stored near areas where crops are being grown- if oil leaks into the land, it could impact the yield.


2. Prevents fuel theft


Given the double layered structure, would-be thieves are less likely to be able to destroy both tanks without being caught. It would take much more time to successfully reach the inner tank. Having bunding may deter people from attempting a theft entirely or may slow them down considerably, and it also makes it near impossible to syphon fuel, a technique often used in oil theft. This is particularly important if your tank is in a remote location with less chance that thieves will be spotted (even though there may be CCTV in operation). The fact that the inner layer of a bunded tank is also lockable provides additional security. All these features are particularly important given that replacing fuel can be incredibly costly.  


3. Saving money 


Though bunded tanks are a bigger investment than single-layered tanks, they may save you a lot of money in the future by preventing oil losses and theft. Money can also be saved because bunded oil tanks allow you to purchase fuel in bulk and capitalise on the best deals. This is great given the current trend of uncertainty over fuel prices. It’s always a good idea to buy in bulk when prices are lower.


4. Additional perks


  • When purchasing or installing a bunded tank, you are likely to be offered extended warranties. On average, ‘single skin’ tanks only offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, whereas bunded oil tanks give you 10, proving a better choice for peace of mind. With a bunded tank, you can rest assured that you’re in full compliance with safety regulations.
  • Additional safety measures are included. For example, a tank gauge to see how much remaining fuel is left in your tank; a lockable fill point to help prevent oil theft; a warning system to notify you if there’s a sudden drop in the fuel level; and a secure inspection hatch to conduct maintenance checks and access the tank easily.
  • Bunded oil tanks are available in many sizes, from our 650 litre tanks, to our 9400 litre. The right choice will depend on whether you require the tank for domestic or commercial use. Take a look at what is available on our site.


Whatever your requirements whether it be a bunded oil tank for domestic or commercial use, Tanks R Us are always on hand to give friendly advice and point you in the right direction. We have years of experience in tanks for oil, fuel, red diesel and even water tanks and sewage. So why not get in touch today. 

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