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What Size Should I Get for Domestic Oil Tanks?

8th December 2022 in oil

If you have switched your fuel system to oil or are moving into a home with an oil tank that needs replacing due to disrepair, then there are a few things you need to consider – and chief amongst them is what size of domestic oil tanks are available, and which size is most suitable for your needs. The size of the tank you install will dictate how much oil you can refill with – and that amount will impact how often you need to refill.


What Sizes of Oil Tank Are Available?

There are a range of different sizes, materials and types of heating oil tanks available to the domestic market. In terms of size they usually range between 500 litres and 10,000 litres. Each of these is suitable for different purposes or needs, i.e. different sizes of property. If you are replacing a tank, it’s probable that you will decide to replace it with a new tank of the same size – though, if there is the room to do so (or you are able to relocate the position of the tank entirely), you may decide to ‘upgrade’ to a larger size. Installing larger commercial fuel tanks at your property may be a good idea as you will be able to take advantage of economies of scale when you refill – you will order a greater volume of oil less often, which will also have the added benefits of being ‘one less thing to organise’ on your list and – most importantly – you are unlikely to put yourself into a difficult position by running out.


What Size of Oil Tank Is Suitable for Me?

This depends on your circumstances, and there are questions you can ask yourself to make sure you reach the appropriate conclusion. 


How Many Rooms Do You Have at Your Property?

This is a key factor in deciding the size of tank you require, as the number of rooms in a property will have an impact on the amount of oil you are likely to use. As a rough calculation a tank capacity of approximately 500 litres per bedroom should be your minimum. 


How Many People Live at Your Property?

This is likely to be in close parallel to the number of bedrooms there are at the property, so the 500 litres per bedroom calculation will still apply. That said, the greater the number of people living at your property, the quicker you will use up the oil stored in the tank – so the  larger the tank capacity the better


What about Space and Conditions for a Larger Tank?

Often, the size of the tank you can install will be dictated by the amount of space you have available for it. If you are installing a new tank in a new area, then plan carefully. If you are replacing an already existing tank, the area it sits comfortably in may be ‘tight’ as things have developed around the tank over the years. 

You should always make sure that any installation is away from fire hazards or any source of heat: 1.8 metres away from non-fire rated eaves of a building or non-fire rated buildings such as sheds; 1.8 metres away from doors or windows in a fire rated building such as a house or garage; 760mm away from non-fire rated boundaries (wooden fence etc); 600mm away from foliage.


What Domestic Oil Tanks Are Available?

There are several types of tank available – bunded oil tanks, plastic oil tanks etc. You will be able to find more information about the suitability of each type of tank for your individual circumstances by reading other articles in our blog or by contacting our team to discuss.


The simple upshot is: the larger the tank you install at your property, the longer amount of time will pass before you have to have it refilled. There are the factors to consider that we have briefly discussed in this blog – the size of your property, the number of people living there, the suitability of the tank’s proposed site. If you would like more detailed guidance, or answers to any further queries you might have, then please feel free to contact us, and a member of our customer service team will be more than happy to help.

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